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The AMBITORIO concept

AMBITORIO acts as an intermediary between digital products and their physical implementations and as a provider of the secured business platform. Our technology makes digital products tangible and business processes secure.

For example, in the field of 3D printing:

Digital applications

Customers with individual, demanding requirements in digital form etc.

Secured processes

A flawless process cycle and protection of ownership are secured through cryptographic licences. From the drawing board through to the finished product – with AMBITORIO the entire process, and its data transfer, is perfectly protected.


… meet producers at AMBITORIO who turn these ideas into reality.

The first service AMBITORIO offers:
A trading platform for 3D printing objects

The AMBITORIO vision

We have been living in a world shaped by the internet for a long time now. In our present time, there are experiments with digital currencies and trade continues to evolve in the digital domain. The internet has become an inherent part of our society.

The future of our society will continue to develop digitally even further. But a digital future also means challenges.

The challenge

Problems with product piracy, the loss of connection with the market and the fear of living life as a transparent citizen are part of our daily lives. Three of the main challenges are:

  • Data security,
  • Data protection
  • Data transparancy

These are precisely the challenges we endeavour to overcome. The tools for fulfilling this task already exist, we just don’t use them enough yet.


One key to solving these issues is decentralisation. AMBITORIO finances and develops a customised, decentralised storage solution in order to remain independent from the storage and sniffing habits of prevailing products available on the market. We deliberately design our environment to be ad-free and keep the process steps transparent.

IoT – The internet of things

It is only with such a neutral basis that the IoT (internet of things) can function safely. The IoT, itself also decentralised, currently still only enjoys a niche existence. There is still great potential to be exploited here. Machines around the world can be operated using our AMBITORIO system. A business can grow nationally or internationally and skilled workers can document their progress and monetize their expertise. This is perfectly possible with AMBITORIO’s encryption solutions.

Internet of things
Data security. Data protection. Transparency. Decentralised storage

Security with blockchain

To ensure AMBITORIO is able to demonstrate the necessary security for all of its current and future products, we use blockchain technology. This revolutionary invention has been deeply embedded in our designs. Specifically, we use a platform based on a further development of the Ethereum protocol.

AMBITORIO adds the possibility of making entirely digital products tradeable to the existing protocol’s capabilities. Our declared objective is to incorporate the benefits of a blockchain into the entire trading process. The whole chain, from the purely digital starting point, including payment processing, through to the tangible end result, should be blockchain supported.

As its very first product, AMBITORIO provides a trading platform for 3D matrices. From request to actual production, changing matrices can be encrypted from end-to-end. For this, AMBITORIO uses strong cryptography, which in our case is tailored entirely to the Ethereum network. This is possible due to the sophisticated use of ECDH (elliptic-curve Diffie-Hellman). This special combination makes AMBITORIO unique.

is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts.

AMBITORIO 1.0 – 3D printing

Data becomes things.

Virtually no other production process demonstrates more clearly how data becomes physical things in the real world: 3D printing was our first choice for implementing this vision. With the AMBITORIO portal, we have created a secure business environment for customers and manufacturers.

Every step is secure.

Layer by layer of a model can be protected using AMBITORIO’s technology and, if desired, it can also be monetized. A prototype for the secure transmission of 3D printing data, from source to end device, has been developed by our team and is currently undergoing intensive testing.


The topic of 3D printing is also quite simply fascinating and groundbreaking. It is the technology that is now being used in all aspects of our lives. The areas are so diverse, ranging from the production of prototypes and small parts through to the food industry. The latter enables the balancing of nutrients by creating particularly unique dishes, virtually anything that creativity allows. Not to mention the possibilities in medicine, where the results and data are particularly worthy of protection.

3D printing business portal

Crypto Valley

Zug canton

For many years, the canton of Zug in Switzerland has been one of the most promising areas for start-ups. Particularly in the finance sector, growth is rapid because recent technologies, such as blockchain, are involved. The result is a scene that is concentrated in a relatively small area.

Community in Crypto Valley

This density not only creates a certain exclusivity, it also makes networking extremely easy. Although the community is very international, the interest in a topic as complex as cryptocurrencies, and their security based on blockchain technology, still creates strong cohesion.

AMBITORIO im Crypto Valley

AMBITORIO is a start-up whose founders have been affiliated with Crypto Valley from the start. Using existing contacts, they were able to enter into a partnership from the outset and, thus, benefit from the increased maturity of the community. These partners provided the connection to the Ethereum network and a versatile payment processor. This means that AMBITORIO is no longer required to reinvent every aspect of the crypto business. AMBITORIO is able to rely on existing expertise and on research and development work performed while focusing entirely on its core areas of expertise and the associated implementation of our corporate strategy.

Zug canton in Switzerland
has long since been one of the
most promising areas for start-ups.


Andrij Sytnyk

CEO & Founder 

Thomas Friedrich

Project Manager & Founder 

Tony Stipanic

Software Engineer 

Georg Dietrich

Corporate Finance 

Marcel Strothmann

Business Developer

Peter Senna Tschudin

Cloud Architect


Ambitorio AG
Schutzengelstrasse 36
CH 6340 Baar/ZG

Schutzengelstrasse 36, 6340 Baar, Schweiz

Ambitorio AG
Schutzengelstrasse 36
CH 6340 Baar/ZG

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